Aim & Objectives Company Profile

• To give safe, healthful and hygienic products to our customers in genuine and customer friendly price.

• To generate employment opportunity in various sectors.

• To take up social welfare activities.

BLISSMAN INDIA, shortly known as BLISSMAN is the dream project of the founder, which is a small step towards biggest achievement in consumer goods sector in lndia.The blessing for mankind is the punch line of the company/industry. It is an ISO certified rapidly growing industrial house in consumer goods sector.

Management Board

A management committee has been formed in the following manner to look into the easy and well-functioning of the company.

  • Quality control committee - A quality control committee has been formed with active membership and participation of food craft officer, quality inspector, sanitary officer and health inspector.
  • Staff welfare committee - It isformed to look into the welfare of the staff.
  • Social welfare committee - As one of major activities of our establishment is to render social Welfare service to the people, has been formed wherein the membership of like-minded NGOs, government agencies, private agencies have been taken into consideration.


  • Prop cum MD
  • CEO
  • Managers (co-opted)
  • Marketing Executives (co-opted)
  • Staff Representatives

Business Mechanism

The products of the company are sold through different medium for which different channels are adopted.

Sales promoter/Marketing executives
Marketing executives are appointed by firm to look after the sales of the products, to check adulteration, forging and imitation , the products are disposed of through our employees in the interest of the customers.

Marketing/Sales agencies
Certain reliable marketing agencies are appointed to deal in the products of our company. The agencies have been chosen carefully to safeguard the interest of the consumer and the company as well.

Authorized dealer/Franchise holder
The farm has given franchise to some efficient and reliable trading houses to sale out our products By this way our products in original are reached out the customers. Besides genuine rate is charged to the customers.

Consumer care cell
A consumer care cell has been opened in the office and an officer has been appointed to look in to the complaints of customers. Above all, all the complains and the feedbacks of the interested, conscious and sensible customers/ consumers are brought to the notice of the chairman/MD for initiation of quick and appropriate action. Contact No. - 09556669666

Price fixation
The rate of the product of our company is fixed by the P.F.C. formed for fixation of genuine and customer friendly price in interest of the customers.

1- MD
2-E D cumCEO
E-Marketing manager
4-Marketing agency (co-opted)
5-Authorised dealers/franchise holders (co-opted)
6-conscious consumer representative (co-opted)

Trade enquiry and trade expansion
Trade enquiry cases coming from different interested parties, businessman, trading houses are directly dealt with by the chairman/prop cum MD of the company. The agreement/settlement is made keeping in view the different aspects like:
1-Credibility of the applicant
2-Financial capacity of the party
3-Business extension and network of the businessman
4-Goodwill of the business house

Quality Commitment
We commit to supply best quality and safe products to our customers keeping in mind the health and happiness of our valued customers and that is why
1-We procure best quality raw materials from different regions/ parts of the country.
2-Our products are prepared carefully under strict quality control and supervision mechanism.
3-Prepared and packaged in the mechanized farm untouched by hands under strict hygienic condition through adequate supervision system.
4-Our products are free from any sort of chemical treatment for any purpose, whatsoever. So our products have been the first choice of health conscious customers.

Best known for:
• Quality of products and service
• Proffessional development
• Confidentiality and trust
• Professional behaviour
• Customer satisfaction
• Value of customers

Legal Information

Industries Regd. No. : 210081100575

FSSL No. : 12013002000153

ISO Certifiation No. : PCMS/FSMS/1088-2013 (22000 - 2005 / HACCP)

Trademark Application No. : 2803938

TIN: 21863803914

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